Noemie Gagnon and Vavite Fortuna

Hi Tamara, Just came back from the CDI at Beaulieu and we wanted to let you know that two judges gave her an 8 for the music and interpretation and they all loved the music. 2009 Riders Jacqueline Brooks, Lee Cross (USA), Tom Dvorak, Naomi Gagnon, Kristy Evans, Daphne Haagmans, Tina Irwin, Neil Ishoy, Sandy [...]


With a great knowledge of dressage and music we can help you make the best artistic impression you can. We can help you put together music you have chosen, or help you pick music to suit you and your horse. We can speed up or slow down music to match your horses stride perfectly, or we can make completely original music! Even if you need a simple edit, a different beginning or ending we can do it all...

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